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Chrysanthos 3D Trailing Glazes are a lead-free thick textured trail-able glaze designed for creating raised linear decoration and are available in 2 versions, a low fire version and a high fire version identified by a “H” suffixed to the product code.

The 3D Trailing Glazes can be used on both greenware and bisque, in conjunction with underglaze decoration, or on top of unfired glaze. They can be left unglazed or may be coated with colored or clear glaze.

Chrysanthos 3D Trailing Glazes achieve stability and versatility, without cracking and come in a convenient nozzle squeeze bottle.

To create more colors than those available, colors may be intermixed. This is achieved by squeezing colors to be mixed into a pallet and mixing with a clean brush or pallet knife. The mixed color may then be scooped back into a clean applicator bottle.


Shake the applicator bottle well and always test on paper to ensure 3D Trailing Glaze flows correctly before attempting to decorate ware.

If glaze appears too thick, add a few drops of clean water and shake to combine thoroughly.

If applicator nozzle is blocked, remove and wash in hot water using paper clip wire to dislodge blockage. Dry nozzle before reattaching it to the bottle.

To apply, gently squeeze the bottle with the applicator tip above (and not touching) the ceramic surface. If applying to earthenware bisque, allow slip trail decoration to dry thoroughly before glazing over.

Physical Data

The Chrysanthos low fire 3D Trailing Glazes may be fired between cone 06 (999oC) and cone 04 (1,060oC) without significant flattening of the raised decoration. The high fire between cone 4 (1,186°C) and cone 8 (1,263°C) with comparable properties to the low fire.

■ 3D are available in low fire and High Fire (H) versions. Product code suffix “H”.
■ Low Firing Range: Cone 06 (999°C) – Cone 04 (1,060°C).
■ High Firing Range: Cone 4 (1,186°C) – Cone 8 (1,263°C).
■ Sizes: 40 ml with nozzle applicator, 500 ml.
■ Intermixable: Yes.

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