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If you would like to contact The Pug Mill you may choose one of the following;

  • Phone   08 8443 4544         
    (international ph 618 8443 4544)
  • Fax       08 8354 0991         
    (international fax 618 8354 0991)
  • Email
  • 17a Rose Street, Mile End, Adelaide, South Australia 5031

Suppliers of clays by Walker Ceramics, Feneeys, Clayworks, Bennetts, Keanes, Blackwattle.

Suppliers of glazes and underglaze colours by Chrysanthos, Walker Ceramics, Cesco, Gare, Duncan, Northcote.

Suppliers of Kemper tools, Kilns by Skutt, Tetlow, Woodrow.

A large range of bisqueware manufactured on the premises and imported. (Mayco and Bisque Imports).

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11-C36 Coup Dessert Plate

Price: 4.80 AUD
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BI-341 - Mini Espresso Cup & Saucer

Price: 7.70 AUD
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BI-240 - Rim Dinner Plate

Price: 7.01 AUD
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