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About The Pug Mill

The Pug Mill is a family owned and run business which was started by Bob Mickan in 1973. Bob was joined by his son Brett in 1990 who now manages The Pug Mill since Bob’s retirement.


The Pug Mill is a major supplier of all pottery and ceramic supplies stocking and distributing Walkers, Clayworks, Keanes, Feeneys, and Blackwattle clays, Duncan, Gare, Cesco and Walker glazes and underglaze colours and have just become exclusive distributors for Chrysanthos Colour Company. Also available is a large range of tools, equipment, stains and raw materials used by potters and ceramic artists.


Over the years we have seen large changes in styles and attitudes in the ceramic industry and have tried to cater for and adapt to supply these needs.


One large change to the business was the purchase of a 60 tonne RAM Press from the USA in 1997. This enabled us to manufacture our own range of bisqueware shapes from a variety of clays to supply potters and ceramic artists. We can produce square, rectangle, and oval shapes which are difficult and time consuming to produce by traditional slip casting or clay forming methods. The RAM Press can produce large volumes both efficiently and quickly. Specialized shapes can and have been made for customers too!

We RAM press our range of bisqueware in Walkers PB103 fine white stoneware and Walkers Auscraft Ultra White clay. The Auscraft clay is still the whitest ceramic clay available and suits Chrysanthos, Duncan and Gare glazes.

We produce our range of bisqueware from start to finish, pressing, fettling, cleaning and firing in either our 100 cubic foot gas kiln or 4 electric kilns. Kym, our press operator has been with The Pug Mill for 20 years this year and oversees the operation of the press and kiln firing and is fully trained by RAM to make our own moulds for the press. We can even make your own personalized shape!


Just recently, in addition to our manufactured bisqueware and to expand our range, we have imported a large variety of bisqueware direct from the ceramic factories of Italy and China. We do not have the machinery to produce mugs and cups so decided to import a range with the first container arriving late last year and another due soon. As well as cups and mugs we also brought in a range of plates, platters and bowls to increase and compliment our existing range. The quality is excellent with all pottery and ceramic glazes working well on the pieces firing up to a temperature of 1040c to 1120c. Once glaze fired this bisqueware is very durable and hard wearing making them ideal for heavy regular use and would also be dishwasher, microwave and oven proof and could be used in commercial applications.


All bisque is well packed for shipping throughout Australia. A catalogue and price list of our complete range is available and trade and wholesale enquiries welcome.


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