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Chrysanthos Ceramic Colours

“Chrysanthos” is a new ceramic colour range made in China and being distributed exclusively by The Pug Mill is now available in Australia.  Chrysanthos Color Company Limited was established in 2005. The glaze manufacturing plant is located in one of the many High Technology Zones in the Guangxi province of China.  

Chrysanthos Color Company Limited was established by the founders of an Australian company in the 1990's.  Chrysanthos was established in China because it is perceived to be the way of the future for manufacturing businesses.

Since establishing the company, Chrysanthos has gained strong support from many western companies both large and small in the same field wanting to obtain quality products whether it be glazes, acrylics, raw materials and other products out of China at very competitive prices.

Chrysanthos is efficiently managed by a team of highly qualified people, prominently Chinese, who are committed to the success of the company. They believe in what they do and work together to create quality products and provide a quality service.

Chrysanthos manufactures superior quality best of breed colour and effects products for the ceramicist, artist, hobbyist and schools.

To satisfy the needs of customers, Chrysanthos produces a large range of products that come in a stunning array of captivating colors and special effects for use in fired and non-fired applications.

The range of fired colours available is very extensive and consists of underglazes (55 colours), one strokes (55 colours), Café colours (bisque underglazes)(50 colours), crystallites (18 colours), 3D trailing colours (7 colours), hobby clear glaze, Crackle glazes , Feng Shui glazes, and Fantasy Glazes (12 colours).  All colours are available in a variety of smaller sizes, 60ml and 140 ml squeeze bottles as well as 500ml squeeze bottles and 5 lt bottles for bulk purchases and all colours are priced the same in each of the various categories.

Also available now are a range of coloured lead free crystals to make your own crystal glazes.

There is also a new product called Fantasy Enhancer that can be added to the fantasy glazes to make the crystals larger, the more is added, the glaze will start to run as does in pottery glazes.  There is also a range of non fired colour available such as acrylic, pearl and metallic paints.

The fired colours have been tested on a variety of Australian made clays and clear glazes as well as under various US clear glazes all with excellent results.

Technical data, MSDS, colour charts, product & information manuals are all easily download from the website  will provide comprehensive information on the use of these colours and glazes.

The name Chrysanthos is derived from the Greek words chrysos (χρυσος) meaning "gold" and anthos (ανθος) meaning "flower", so in combination Chrysanthos (Χρυσανθος) means "golden flower". The name Chrysanthos was first used by a semi-legendary 3rd century Egyptian saint. 

In Mandarin Chinese, the name "golden flower"  (金花) pronounced "jin hua", is a very fortunate name to have and means "good luck & money".

As well as Chrysanthos ceramic glazes and underglazes The Pug Mill will also be supplying a range of ceramic coloured stains , frits and raw materials for the pottery industry sourced from China making pricing extremely competitive.
Chrysanthos products are priced competitively to enable everyone to enjoy ceramics and art.

Allow us to help you enhance your creativity. You can’t do your best without using the best.


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