Kiln Firing Service

Basic Firing

$11 Per Kg (Min 1 Kg)

The Pugmill offers kiln firing by the kilogram at $11. We fire at 2 different temperatures:

Bisqueware Firing: 1000°C-1020°C

Earthenware Glaze Firing: 1080°C-1100°C

Other temperature firing require the booking of a full kiln load. See Bellow.

$12 Per Kg (Min 1 Kg)

The Pugmill also offers Midfire firing by the kilogram at $12.

Midfire Firing: Cone 5-6 1190°C -1220°C

Full Kiln Load

The Pugmill also offers full kiln loads for large volumes of firing. These firings can be at any firing temperature required for your creations.

There are 2 different kiln sizes that can be used:

Small Kiln: 32cm x 32cm x 30cm - $66.00 per load

Large Kiln: 61cm x 61cm x 90cm - $235 per load

Please call to discuss specifics if you desire to fire a full kiln load.

There is no set firing schedule as it is an on demand service full kiln service. Generally firing is completed in 1-2 weeks.

Please contact The Pugmill to discuss details.