Welcome to the Pug Mill On Line Catalogue and Shop


We shall be closed from

11:30am Saturday 22nd Of December 2018

And we will reopen at

9am Monday 14th Of January 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From all the Staff at The Pugmill

Note the website will still be up and orders can be prepared for the New Year but we will not be able to offer any support for these orders until we reopen in 2019.


Importer of Chrysanthos bisqueware.

Manufacturers of RAM Pressed and slip cast bisqueware.

Australian distributor for Chrysanthos Ceramic Colour range.

The Pug Mill sells to both WHOLESALE and RETAIL purchasers

New Wholesale clients should register so they can see the appropriate wholesale pricing. They will receive an email confirming their status as a Wholesale client. If you need to purchase immediately, then we recommend you phone The Pug Mill for faster approval.

We recommend all clients register as this will make purchasing a simpler process.

The Pug Mill Pty. Ltd. is an Australian owned and run family business.