Crocus Martis - Iron Oxide Purple

Crocus Martis - Iron Oxide Purple

Product Code : PM-CrMaIrOx

Iron oxides generally give a wide range of honey yellow, brownish reds, browns and blacks and are extremely popular colouring pigments for glazes and bodies. 3-8% gives yellows with yellow ochre, browns with haematite, red-browns with red synthetic, greys with iron chromate and black with magnetite or ferrous oxide. Speckled effects can be obtained with crocus martis. Warm colours obtained in lead glazes and cooler ones in lead free and alkaline glazes especially. Mottled creams can be obtained in the presence of tin. The final colour obtained with iron oxide varies with the type of glaze, firing temperature and kiln atmosphere. Iron oxide is also an active flux in glazes and even in small amounts will make a glaze noticeably more fluid. Synthetic red is very fine and produces more even shades from honey to dark brown (2-10%).Datasheet Download

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