Egyptian Paste

Egyptian Paste

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The principle of a self-glazing clay was originally developed in ancient Egypt and is now available as Egyptian Paste. It is a self-glazing clay. You need only the powder plus stain or oxide (recipes available on our website), a few lengths of nichrome wire, an electric kiln and a little imagination to create a wide variety of beads, buttons, scarabs, charms and a wide assortment of jewellery. Quite simple to work with by adding enough water to the powder to make a paste. Pieces can be formed by rolling on a clean, non-absorbent surface or in the palm of your hand or by hand modelling. To allow for complete glazing, beads and buttons can be dried by being strung on a piece of nichrome wire (the glaze is in the paste and will come to the surface during drying). Fired to Cone 06, the colours are vivid and bright. Stains and oxides can be added for the desired colour effects.

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