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Harp Wire Cutter

310mm x 250mm

Chrome plated tool used for producing clay slabs of even thickness without rolling guides. The wire retaining rings are set in the location slots according to the thickness of the slab required.


Kemper Clay Cutting Wire

For cutting from a block of clay, or removing pieces from the pottery wheel head.


Large Rolling Pin


Wooden rolling pin for rolling clay slabs. Overall length 52cm.


Pottery Tool Kit

Includes 7 Tools

Including all the essentials to get you started: Cutting wire, Sponge, Pin tool, Trimming + sculpting tools, Wooden + stainless steel ribs


Pro Needle Tool

For cutting + incising. Stainless steel, with textured handle for easy grip.


Small Rolling Pin


For rolling slabs to use in handbuilding + making tiles. Overall length 33cm.


Wooden Paddle

For shaping + modelling.


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