Liquid Materials

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Used to aid suspension of dipping glazes. Add sparingly until glaze settles "softly". If glaze settles hard increase addition.

Dispex N40

Deflocculant used in casting slips. It keeps particles in suspension thereby eliminating the addition of great amounts of water.

Latex Brush on

A material used on greenware and bisqueware to protect (or mask) an area from colour. Latex can be peeled off prior to firing or to allow for further decoration. Apply one good coat and when finished peel off gently. It will also fire away.

Painting Medium

For addition to powdered glaze to bring to brush-on consistency. It can be mixed with powdered glazes, stains, etc. by simply stirring with a cake beater or paint stirrer and running liquid through an 80 mesh sieve. A thicker version of brushing medium

Soft Soap

A high quality potash soap supplied as a liquid. It is used in the production of plaster moulds. Paint on the surface of the mould and wipe away excess with a damp sponge.

Wax Resist

An emulsion used to mask areas from decoration. It is the liquid equivalent of paraffin wax.

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