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Auscraft Ultra White Slip



• Bisque: Cone 04(1060C)• Glaze: Cone 06(1000C)

$110.85 AUDInc. GST
From:$69.50 AUDInc. GST

Clayworks-Northcote Cone 6 White


Mid Fire Slip

Bisque cone 06-04 Glaze fire to come 6 (1220c)

From:$69.95 AUDInc. GST

Walkers No. 10 Stoneware Slip


Good, white classic stoneware - oven to table ware, functional...Not as white as Superior White Porcelain Slip but much more Plastic and forgiving in use....Firing range: 1260-1300°C

From:$69.90 AUDInc. GST

Walkers Superoir White Porcelain Slip


Super white, translucent, easy to cast, suits all shapes. Plastic and forgiving in use....Excellent for strong domestic ware. Suits most standard stoneware / porcelain glazesNEW Whiter formulationFiring range: 1280-1300°C

From:$95.10 AUDInc. GST

Walkers White Earthenware Mid Fire Slip


Great standard Earthenware body.Beautiful workable, functional white earthenware. Suits all standard earthenware & midfire glazes.Firing range: 1060-1250°C

From:$72.70 AUDInc. GST

Walkers White Mid Fire Slip


Beautiful, white, extremely forgiving casting body, strong as porcelain when fired at only 1200 !!!!Firing range: 1200-1240°C

From:$81.10 AUDInc. GST

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