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Complete Rotary Sieve Kit


Incudes Mesh Insert, Frame + Brushes - Diameter 410mm

A mouli-type sieve for refining large batches of glaze or slip. Push-in screens with moulded rubber rims are interchangeable (see above for additional mesh). Either wet or dry materials can be sieved quickly as the brush-cluster is rotated against the scr

$280.50 AUD

Hand Sieve Kit


Frame, Mesh + Scraper - Diameter 270mm

Heavy duty plastic frame, with interchangeable rubber rimmed screens, made from high quality stainless steel mesh. Perfect for sieving small to medium batches of glaze. Tapered body will fit an average 10L bucket.

$121.00 AUD

Individual Mesh


Diameter 270mm

Ranging from #40 (course) to #200 (super fine) Also fits Rotary Sieve.

$69.50 AUD

Mini Test Sieve


Diameter 110mm

One piece construction made from PVC + stainless steel mesh. Ideal for sieving slip, stains + test batches of glaze. Available individually in mesh sizes from #40 (course) - #250 (finest).

$38.50 AUD

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